THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility
THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility
THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze) - lumiies - high visibility
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THE COTTON BEANIE - Sunny Side Up (Strickmütze)

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Important notice: We use standard one-size fits all sizes. Excluded from exchange for hygienic reasons.

Our colorful knitted hats made from organic cotton (GOTS certified) will be your perfect companions on cooler days.

Environmental Awareness: Our high-quality products made from organic cotton are processed in facilities that carry the GOTS certification.

Material Properties: With their elasticity and shape retention, they offer efficient moisture absorption and optimal temperature regulation.

Vibrant Colors: They add a special touch to your style, safety, and visibility.

Custom Fit: The Cotton Beanie is available in one size fits all. The organic cotton is extremely comfortable and soft to wear, without irritating the skin.

Please Note: While our hats are excellently crafted and of the highest quality, knitwear is sensitive to contact with rough and sharp objects or Velcro, which can cause pulled threads.

Care Instructions: Wash the hat at 30°C on the wool cycle and use a laundry bag. Avoid aggressive detergents and fabric softeners, and do not tumble dry or iron it.

Material: 100% BIO BAUMWOLLE
Material: 100% BIO BAUMWOLLE

Product information

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How to measure your dog:

In order to find the proper fit for your beloved dog, you need to measure correctly. Below you find a precise, uncomplicated manual.

Before you begin please make sure that your dog is calm and relaxed. Choose a flat surface, on which your dog can stand comfortably. Have a flexible tape measure, notepad, and pen at hand. You dog appreciates some snacks to reward him during the procedure.

Neck circumference
Start measuring the neck circumference in the area, where your dog usually wears the collar. Make sure that the tape measure is neither too tight nor too loose. As a guideline, one or two fingers should easily fit between tape measure and neck. Write down the number.   

Chest circumference
Identify the broadest area of the chest. Wrap your tape measure around it and write down the number.

Back length
This frequently poses a challenge. Statistics show that 70% of the costumers take the wrong measurement here. The correct way to do it, is to measure the distance between shoulder blade and the base of the tail. Write down the number. If you need support with this particular measurement, you can contact us anytime via email or in our chat.  

Please do not submit your order until you are certain that your measurements are correct. Every purchase and return produces additional costs and emissions. As a responsible company, we strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.  

Should our products not meet your expectations, you can revoke the bill of sale within 14 days after you have received the order. 

Please understand that we can only accept returned orders when the goods are undamaged, unworn, and in mint condition. They need to be returned in the original packaging and with original tags. Please pay attention to the specific conditions for returns of knitwear. 

As soon as your return reaches us, we will send you a confirmation via email. The refund can take up to 7 business days. In case you have any questions, please write an email to

The customer has the right to revoke the bill of sale without disclosure of reasons. The revocation period is 14 days after the customer or an authorised third party who is not the carrier has received the order. To revoke the bill of sale, the customer has to contact “lumiies - high visibility GmbH,” Hanauer Landstraße 521, 60386 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland, via email to The email needs to declare the decision to revoke the bill of sale. Customers can use the enclosed template if they want to. The notification of the right of cancellation needs to be sent before the revocation deadline. 

If you need a different size, you can substitute your ordered items within 14 days after you have received the initial order. To be eligible for a substitution, the items need to be undamaged, unworn and in mint condition. 
Please notify us about your substitution by sending an email with the numbers of your order and invoice to We would appreciate it if you can attach a photo of your dog with the respective item to the email. This way we can better assess which size may fit. Please measure your dog again and send us the updated measurements via email. Note that we are happy to help you in case you are unsure about the measurements. Under the rubric “Dog Measurements” on our website you find detailed size charts for all relevant products. 
Please understand that customers bear the shipping costs for any returns. 

If you want to return your order within 14 days after receiving it, please notify by sending an email with the numbers of your order and invoice to Note that you are responsible for covering the shipping costs. Please understand that we cannot accept packages that are not sufficiently prepaid. Please note as well that we can only accept items in original packaging and tags. If items show signs of wear, we reserve the right to decline the acceptance of the package or to keep a share of the refund. 

If you have reason for complaint about our products, please send an email with the numbers of your order and invoice to We will immediately reach out to you in order to find a solution.


Dear Customers,
We want to point out some specifics of our knitwear collection, which we have developed for both humans and pets. With their dense knitting, our jumpers combine aesthetic appeal and functionality to protect against cold weather and to enhance visibility. In order to ensure the longevity of your product, please observe the following care instructions:

  • Cleaning: Wash the jumper in a laundry bag for delicates at 30°C wool cycle. To preserve the quality of the fibers, please do not use aggressive detergents or fabric softeners. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.
  • Handling: In order to avoid damage such as ladders, please keep the knitwear away from sharp objects and rough materials such as velcro. 
  • Use: Our knitwear collection is suitable for morning and evening walks in your neighborhood or as homewear in the cooler months. If you plan a trip to the thicket or undergrowth, please put on an additional protective cover. Please note that wearing harnesses can cause friction and increased wear and tear. Therefore, we recommend using high-quality harnesses to ensure the longevity of your dog's clothing. Our products undergo intensive testing to ensure the highest quality. However, we cannot guarantee against damage from external influences.

Customer Responsibility: Before you submit your order, please have a look at our size charts and measure your dog. If you are unsure whether your measurement is correct, please write us an email or use the chat function on our webpage. This not only ensures the best possible fit and comfort, it also helps reduce emissions because it avoids unnecessary returns.

Disclaimer: Improper handling or extensive use can wear out the material. Please understand that we cannot accept returns in this case. Our products are durable and meet premium quality standards, but they need proper care so that their surface and shape remains stable.

Notice: If you have already washed your product, we can no longer accept it for return or substitution. We examine every returned order for damage, dirt and smell. 

Please understand that for hygienic reasons we cannot accept returns or substitute headwear. 

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