lumiies® is an accessory and apparel brand that specializes in the needs of dogs and their owners. Our innovative designs combine ecological sustainability and individual style with safety and visibility.

These values are represented in our name. The double “ii” signifies the interplay of individuality and communality, the partnership of dogs and humans as well as the larger communities forming around it. “lum” associates light and glowing, which we express with our highly visible colors in their harmonic, stylish arrangements. “es” stands for “eco-sustainable” and for our conviction that premium quality, sustainable production processes and fair working conditions depend on each other. Our products are 100% vegan and multiply certified.

lumiies® is based in Frankfurt am Main and has been founded by Marion Käfer in 2022. She holds degrees in exhibition architecture, fashion design, as well as stage and costume design. Her years of work experience at the theater and the opera, in film and advertising shape her aesthetic perception, which she brings to her collection and lines. Her major source of inspiration, though, is her Saluki Severin.