lumiies® is an accessory and clothing brand specialized in meeting the needs of dogs and their owners. Our innovative designs combine ecological sustainability and individual style awareness with safety and visibility.

These values are embedded in our name. The double "ii" signifies the interplay between individuality and communities, the partnership of dog and human, and the larger communities that form from this. "Lum" is associated with light and luminescence, which we express through our widely visible colors in harmonious, stylish arrangements. "Es" stands for "eco-sustainable," reflecting our belief that premium quality, sustainable production processes, and fair working conditions are mutually dependent.

Our products are 100% vegan and certified multiple times. lumiies® was founded in 2023 in Frankfurt am Main by fashion designer, textile technician, costume and stage designer, and exhibition architect Marion Käfer. Her years of work for theater, opera, film, and advertising shape her aesthetic sensibility, which she incorporates into the collections.

Her main source of inspiration, though, is her Saluki, Severin. In partnership with top-tier production facilities and renowned experts in textile technology, as well as a leading university for textile engineering, we strive for innovative solutions.

Our aim is to combine technological innovation with sustainability, elevating the textile industry to a new level. We are passionately dedicated to a completely vegan approach in the industry, championing the values of animal love, environmental protection, and sustainability.

The entire collection is PETA-approved. 100% vegan. 100% sustainable.

 Picture: Karolina Krausser